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When it comes to wealth management, high-net-worth individuals and families face a dilemma: On one hand, the level and complexity of their assets require a more sophisticated approach than smaller, more traditional financial management firms can offer. On the other hand, large firms possess capabilities, but their sheer size and bureaucracy often preclude the customized care and positive client experience smaller firms offer.

Manhattan West Asset Management bridges that gap by providing the caliber of services you’d expect from the largest and most sophisticated firms in a highly personalized setting that puts your circumstances, needs, values, and goals at the forefront of everything we do. Our focus is on building a relationship with you—gaining a deep understanding of your financial history and helping you envision the future you want to create.

True Financial Advisors

It is an honor to have been the trusted financial advisor to families and institutions with total assets ranging from $100 million to more than $1 billion. For all of our clients, we work tirelessly to provide the personalized attention and financial management they deserve.

At Manhattan West, we consider ourselves financial advisors in the fullest sense of the term. Regardless of your finance-related needs, we possess the experience and tenacity to create a solution, offering you as many options as possible to reach your financial goals. We have real-world experience at some of the world’s top financial institutions and can confidently navigate even the most sophisticated investment structures. Furthermore, we have deep and longstanding relationships with top professionals in such key areas as estate planning, real estate, private equity, hedge funds, and insurance.

Bespoke Portfolios

There’s nothing quite like a piece of clothing, jewelry or artwork that is created especially for you. The custom design and attention to detail reflect your personality and represent who you are in a way that can’t be matched by off-the-rack items.

That same concept applies to Manhattan West’s bespoke portfolios. The portfolio we create for you is customized to your needs. It is built on a thorough and thoughtful process in which we take the time to learn the details about your life, your family, your approach to money, and your current and future goals.

We constantly assess accounts and appropriately rebalance portfolios at various intervals to ensure the most efficient asset allocation. Our rebalancing method is systematic, with careful governance that includes a manual overlay to ensure optimal outcomes.

All financial services firms will tell you they tailor your investments to your individual needs—and it is likely they attempt to do so. Other firms may layer on another degree of service by paying attention to your tolerance for risk. But only the most client-focused firms—like Manhattan West—go beyond the basics to a level of detail that can make a substantial difference.

The advantages of a bespoke portfolio are many:

Manhattan West Asset

A bespoke portfolio is customized to your personal goals and circumstances.

Manhattan West Asset

A bespoke portfolio isn’t just about what’s happening within the portfolio; it is also about what’s going on outside the portfolio. As a result, every investment works to compliment the other.

Manhattan West Asset

A bespoke portfolio yields quantifiable results—tax savings, a rise in value to your bottom line and other positive outcomes.

Manhattan West Asset

A bespoke portfolio simply makes the entire wealth-building process more enjoyable.

Multi-Family Office Service

High-net-worth families typically have complex needs when it comes to the management of finances and prudent investment of their resources. Manhattan West Asset Management possesses particular experience in building customized multi-asset-class portfolios using proper asset allocation models to generate appropriate risk-adjusted returns.

Tax Management

We view proper tax management as a source of potential return. As such, we pay very close attention to the tax implications between long- and short-term capital gains. We know it’s not what you make—it’s what you keep.

Estate Planning

Understanding the critical importance of estate planning is essential—particularly for high-net-worth families. However, it is an area that is often overlooked or continually deferred. At Manhattan West, we believe it is our responsibility as fiduciaries and advisors to assist our clients in managing a comprehensive and current estate plan. We help our clients stay accountable to themselves by proactively including estate planning questions as part of our regular communication.

Banking ASsistance

At Manhattan West, we go beyond investment advice and portfolio management to offer services that fulfill your comprehensive banking needs while saving time for you and making your financial life easier. We have formed deep relationships with many major financial institutions and their banking platforms and are pleased to serve as your intermediary whenever you need our assistance.

Credit and Lending

Beyond our private banking services, the Manhattan West team is here to advise you regarding approaches that incorporate lending as a strategic tool in your overall wealth management plan. Calling on our experience in this area, we can address timing, sources, rates, and other key factors. Our team has experience working in a variety of debt instruments, including residential and commercial real estate, aircraft, yachts, rare artwork, classic vehicles, insurance policies, and portfolio lines of credit.

Portfolio Lines of Credit

At times, the need to access liquidity for a client is significant. We have access to numerous financial institutions that may provide lines of credit against investment portfolios, regardless of where those assets are custody.

Residential Mortgages

The acquisition and finance surrounding residential real estate and the implications for those decisions are profound. In response, the Manhattan West Asset Management team works with clients to find appropriate mortgage solutions. Our professionals assist clients from origination to completion. This is not a typical offering in wealth management but one that our team finds imperative to get right. Rather than offer the finite list of loan products available at one institution, we help clients identify the most appropriate loan option across the financial landscape.

Commercial Lending

Industrial, office, and apartment-based real estate are an important asset class. Many of our clients own substantial portfolios of commercial real estate. As such, we believe it is an imperative to understand where to obtain financing for these investments. We work with clients to help them evaluate their holdings and assist them in generating best pricing in loan structures for these assets.


We view life insurance as an estate-planning tool. On many occasions, our clients seek counsel on navigating the complex world of insurance. At their behest, we conduct comprehensive insurance needs analysis and evaluation. We have been called on to provide cost analysis and benefit maximization for high-net-worth families whose objective is to use life insurance for a number of risk management purposes.