Investment Philosophy

Manhattan West Asset Management adheres to a disciplined investment philosophy that focuses on delivering strong, risk-adjusted investment returns through market cycles. We strive to maintain a consistent approach in targeting well-structured investments across capital markets and alternative assets.

Our philosophy of offering clients diversified investment solutions are made possible by our devoted team of investment and business professionals. This practice ensures a consistent approach to asset management while promoting the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and networks across all of our investment platforms.

We operate from the fundamental principle that each investment specialist team benefits from being part of our broader platform. We believe the synergies from a multi-asset strategy enable insights into market trends and an information advantage that does not exist with single-asset managers.

All members of our team—no matter their roles—work together in accordance with our business principles and our investment philosophy and have a vested interest in our success. This commitment is reflected by the fact that each of our personnel holds an ownership interest in the company.